Pip Harry

Andrew Daddo

Pip Harry started her writing career as a junior reporter for NW magazine, and went on to work for some of Australia’s leading publications including Woman’s Day, New Idea and TV WEEK. Her best writing job was frequently flying around the world as a travel editor. Pip’s debut novel for young adults, I’ll Tell You Mine, was based on her experiences at an all-girls boarding school. It won the Australian Family Therapists’ award for children’s literature. She has since published Head of the River, about competitive school rowing, and Because of You, inspired by volunteering at a homeless shelter writing group. She’s currently working on two novels for children aged 8-12, including one written in free verse.

Pip has presented at international writing festivals and led workshops at schools and universities around the world. Pip’s website can be viewed here.

Sessions offered:

YA WORKSHOP: Dealing with grief and conflict on the page. Why do writers often tackle tough life issues through fiction? How does writing about difficult topics help both the writer and reader process it?

YA WORKSHOP: Creating real characters. This interactive workshop will guide writers to create characters that are fleshed out, believable and unforgettable.

YA WORKSHOP: Ripped from the headlines. Many themes and storylines from Pip’s books have crossed over to real life events happening in Australia – such as the homeless crisis in Sydney and performance enhancing drugs in sport. How do writers use what’s happening in the news to create a fictional story?

YA TALK: Pip went from being rejected from her dream journalism course at university, twice, to being one of Australia’s leading magazine editors. She shares her inspiring story and exciting career highlights – from interviewing Hollywood’s biggest stars, to travelling the world and becoming a published author.

WORKSHOP (PRIMARY/YA): The rise of free verse in young adult and middle grade novels. What stories does this style work best for? Students learn to use verse poetry to create powerful stories and voices.

WORKSHOP (PRIMARY): Spooky stories. Gather around the campfire, bring your marshmallows. Pip will guide young writers in creating and sharing a spooky tale and explain how urban myths and ghost stories have developed in different cultures and throughout history.

WORKSHOP (PRIMARY) Story starters. In this fun, interactive session Pip will guide students through a series of different writing prompts from all the senses – smell, taste, touch, hear and see.

Teaching Notes Available:

Because of You

Head of the River

I’ll Tell You Mine