Moya Simons

Andrew Daddo

Moya Simons loves to write. If she doesn’t sit at her computer and write every day, she breaks out in hives. When she was a child Moya loved writing stories. When she grew up and had children of her own she made up stories for them and found it was a perfect way to keep them disciplined. ‘No, I won’t tell you a story unless you finish your spinach!’

Moya’s books include the very popular Dead series (Dead Meat!, Dead Worries!, Dead Average!, Dead Funny! and Dead Scary!) and the Totallyseries, Totally Cool!, Totally Weird!, Totally Awesome!, Totally Freaky!, and Totally Creepy! She has also written for the Solo series (Hatty’s Hotline and Monkey Talk) and the Aussie Bites series with titles such as Whoppers and More Whoppers. Other titles include Camel FaceThe Boy Who Would Live Forever (in the Aussie Chomps series), Remember MeRocket Ship of Dreams and Hello God (a CBCA Notable Book 2008). Her latest venture is theWalk Right In Detective Agency series with five titles now available – Open For BusinessHigh Crime in Milk Bay, Mischief AfootBad News for Milk Bay and On the Case.

Although her first book was published only in 1993, Moya’s books are now being translated into German, Spanish and Dutch and also being sold in the United States, India and the United Kingdom. She is one of Australia’s most popular authors and has been shortlisted for both the Young Australian Best Book Award and the West Australian Best Book Award. Her books are particularly beneficial for the reluctant reader as the texts are humorous and easy to read.

Moya has been on tour with the Children’s Book Council to country areas and has been associated with the Nestle Writing Competition over the past few years. She regularly visits schools and libraries to talk about her work or to conduct writing workshops.

Book Sessions
Moya enjoys discussing with children:

  • Where she gets her ideas (Bang go the family secrets!).
  • How to stimulate those rusty brain cells and fill in that dreaded blank page.
  • Easy, fun, creative shortcuts to make language more descriptive.
  • The process of writing a book and getting published.

Feedback from Moya’s school visits includes:
‘…she had a great rapport with the children, who enjoyed themselves through participation, especially creating stories through sharing ideas’ ‘…her positive teaching style encouraged students to write … she tapped well into the students’ interest and ability levels’

“All the students thoroughly enjoyed Moya’s talks. The students are now all fighting over borrowing her books. Many bought her books at our Book Fair.”

“Moya was very enjoyable and interesting and very good at holding the younger students attention.”