Michael Adams

Andrew Daddo

Author, journalist, blogger and scriptwriter Michael Adams started his career at age six when he wrote a story about flying sharks attacking naval warships. Though it didn’t reach an audience beyond mum and dad, he was undeterred in his dream of becoming a published writer.

In the years since, Michael has written a dozen books, hundreds of TV scripts and thousands of articles. His most recent fiction series is The Seven Signs (2016-17), a seven-part action-adventure for middle-grade audiences. Prior to that, he wrote the young adult apocalyptic thriller trilogy that comprises The Last Girl, The Last Shot and The Last Place (2013-15). Michael has also published non-fiction, with Showgirls, Teen Wolves And Astro Zombies (2010), a comic memoir about a year spent watching bad movies, and profile collection Shining Lights (2009), based on exclusive interviews with Australasian Oscar winners Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush and Nicole Kidman.

Michael was features and reviews editor of Empire magazine for a decade and has been a regular contributor and/or staffer for Men’s Style, YEN, Rolling Stone, FHM, WHO Weekly, OK!, Woman’s Day and The Sydney Weekly. He has written locally for Mensstyle.com.au and internationally for RottenTomates.com, Movieline.com and The Wrap.com. He is presently the editor of Australian Author, the magazine of the Australian Society of Authors.

Michael made his debut as a screenwriter with an episode of the 2006 TV series Two Twisted called “A Flash Exclusive”, which starred Dan Wyllie, Peta Wilson and Bryan Brown. He has also written for Home And Away, MasterChef, The Renovators, This Time Next Year, The Hotplate and 20 to 1. Michael has experience on the other side of the camera, as host of SBS-TV’s The Movie Show in 2007-08 and anchor of Showtime’s The Movie Club in 2010-11. While being a TV talking head was fun, Michael is more at home behind a keyboard.

Sometimes, late at night, Michael still hopes Steven Spielberg will adapt that flying shark story.

Michael is able to host workshops on:

For primary school visits
Surprise Yourself: how to write stories that keep everyone guessing… including yourself!
Writing Mind Movies: how to turn fiction into a filmic experience that keeps readers glued to the page.

For high school school visits
Writing Mind Movies: how to turn fiction into a filmic experience that keeps readers glued to the page.
Researching The Fantastic: methods of research that make the most far-fetched fiction seem realistic.
Characters Without Cliché: how to make people of the page believable, memorable and unique.
Writing Skills To Pay The Bills: practical advice for how to have a profitable multi-disciplinary career in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.