Jules Faber

Andrew Daddo

Jules Faber is both an award-winning children’s book illustrator and award-winning cartoonist. With author Anh Do he won the 2014 Book of the Year for Older Children at the Australian Book Industry Awards with Weirdo. His versatility as an artist means he has worked in a variety of different fields including as an editorial cartoonist, a ‘live’ caricaturist, an editor of an award-winning comic series and an animator on a Disney program. He has taught Comic Book Illustration and Scriptwriting and Storyboarding for TAFE Qld and has created a variety of small press comic books. As a writer, he had a book of short fiction and autobiographical cartoons published in 2004.

Jules’ quirky illustration style has proved extremely popular, with his work featured in the WeirDo series (with Anh Do), The Kaboom Kid series (with David Warner),  Helix and the Arrival (with Damean Posner) and Leo Da Vinci and the Ice Cream Domination League (with Michael Pryor). He has served three terms as the President of the Australian Cartoonists Association, the world’s oldest organisation of its kind and has won three times the Rotary Cartoon Awards, Australia’s largest International cartooning competition. Jules has illustrated covers and interiors for over fourteen books and continues to work on numerous book series with a range of fantastic authors.

Jules is a regular speaker on Radio National on a variety of cartooning related subjects and has frequently represented The Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour as its Cartoonist In Residence both on air and on TV.


In the one hour talk, Jules will demonstrate to students how drawing need not be daunting or intimidating by showing them how to break a drawing down into simple easy pieces.

While the kids interact by drawing along with Jules’ whiteboard illustration, he walks them through a little of his career, the creation of some of his best known characters, how to meet challenges in drawing (and in life) and all whilst encouraging them to stay positive about drawing.

It’s a fun session where even the teachers are encouraged to get into the action and draw as Jules believes that everyone is an artist – it’s just that grown-ups tend to forget this simple truth and can use a little reminding now and then!


Having worked in various cartooning fields, including  caricature and cartoon portraits, comic strips, editorial cartoons, comics and kids books, Jules can tailor a workshop or course to suit your curriculum.

Jules has taught thousands of people of all ages in workshops ranging from one hour intensives through to full week long courses.

All workshops only require equipment and materials kids already have at school – pencils, paper, erasers etc.

Here’s a variety of samples Jules has taught before:


1-2 hour course on how to better draw faces and capture likeness


3 hour workshop on how to illustrate children’s books. Includes proper layout technique, word balloons and how best to place text.


All day workshop on how to tell a story in comic book fashion! Students will learn about character development, story, layout, word balloons, narration and all those little incidental things that crop up when making comics.


3 hour workshop on how to develop characters and re-use them to tell many different jokes. Course covers layout for single panel and multi-panel strips.


3 hour super fun course on how to write jokes relating to the news! Covers brief look at political caricature, but mostly about finding the humour in news articles.


This is a 3 hour course in which Jules has formulated the quintessential nine rules of cartooning. A general overview on how to think like a cartoonist and apply rules that can greatly improve individual outcomes.

All times shown are recommended lengths for courses, but workshops can be shaped to fit the particular needs of a class.

You can find more information about Jules on his website.