Catherine Jinks

Andrew Daddo

While her books span a large range of topics, the greatest love of Catherine’s life is medieval history. Well known for her prize-winning series of Pagan novels, which take a very irreverent look at the life of medieval monks and crusaders, she has also written fantasy novels (Eye to Eye – a CBC award winner), books for younger readers (The Horrible Holiday in the Aussie Bites series) picture books (You’ll Wake the Baby, illustrated by Andrew McLean – a CBC Book of the Year winner) and a number of novels for adult, including The RoadThe Secret Familiar and Dark Mountain. Her latest books are The Genius WarsElysium(number 4 in the Allie’s Ghost Hunter series) and The Reformed Vampire Support Unit.

Catherine was born in Brisbane but spent most of her childhood in Papua New Guinea where her father was a patrol officer. She studied medieval history at Sydney University and then went to work for Westpac where she edited their in-house journal. Since 1993 she has been a full-time writer. As a young child she always wanted to write but was unable to devote her time to it until marriage to a Canadian took her to live in Nova Scotia for a couple of years. She now lives in the Blue Mountains with her husband and young child.

Of her work she says, ‘I don’t write books for messages, I write books because of stories. People. Characters.’ She can always be relied upon to tell a rattling good yarn and given that the pin-up boy of her adolescence was Henry VII and that she is a self-confessed history freak, it’s no wonder that her books have a lively and immediate sense of the past.

Catherine unfortunately has very limited time for school and library visits but is happy to consider invitations to conferences.