Anna Fienberg

Andrew Daddo

Anna has written more than 40 well-loved books for children and young adults. Since her first Children’s Book Council of Australia award for The Magnificent Nose and Other Marvels, she has gone on to win many others, including the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Ariel, Zed and the Secret of Life and the CBCA Honour Awards for Horrendo’s Curse and Borrowed Light (selected as an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults).

Her ever-popular Tashi series has been translated into 23 languages and is now a TV series, to be broadcast on the ABC in February.

Anna’s most recent books are Tashi and the Wicked Magician and other stories, a beautiful hardback collection of four new tales, and Minton Goes! – seven Minton adventures including for the first time The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived and a brand new story, Minton’s Journey.

Her most recent novel for upper primary/early high school is Louis Beside Himself, (Highly Recommended, “Good Reading Magazine”). She is currently working on Wicked’s Way, a companion novel to Horrendo’s Curse.

Anna will be conducting author presentations and writing workshops at primary schools and high schools throughout 2015.


    Students from Year 1 to 12 will enjoy her dynamic performance as she spills the secrets of her writing life – how she gets ideas, builds characters, discovers their problems and what makes them happy, and turns their lives into stories…

In her presentation, Anna will tell how Tashi started small in her mother’s living room and grew big around the world, and what it’s like to watch your hand-written character walk onto a TV screen. She can discuss the background and process to her novels, what to do when you get stuck or your characters rebel, and how to cheer yourself on. She’ll read from her new work, and give a glimpse of projects to come.

And there is always plenty of time to ask the questions you’ve always wanted ask…


    Students from Year 2 to Year 12 are welcome to join Anna’s writing workshops where she will conduct writing exercises that will take you deeper into the world of words. Like paints, you can select your favourites, watch how they mix and change as they come together, inspire stories and bring inner worlds to life.

According to age and level of interest, Anna will work with students on strategies to build characters to a level where they will create their own stories. ‘Character is action,’ said Scott Fitzgerald – something that is true of life and fiction!