Andy Jones

Andrew Daddo


Andy Jones is a best selling Author, Entertainer, Musician, Song Writer and Comedian. He has been described as the most energetic lovable larrikin in kids entertainment. Andy performs at up to 400 shows a year in schools, libraries,  and festivals all over the country. He draws on his musical background to engage, educate and entertain children and families all over Australia & New Zealand by presenting what has been described as the most high energy, engaging and enthralling show available for children today.


Andy’s Sessions

Rap, Rhyme & Rocking Poetry ( Spreading the Word through Rhyme & Rhythm)

Andy will have the whole audience involved in creating a short narrative, rap, rhyme, riddle or poem. The students brainstorm, write, edit and refine a piece using musical backing. Finally, the entire group is recorded performing their original piece through professional PA equipment – public speaking, performance and creativity are all called into play.

The show is very successful in schools with its relevance to the English curriculum, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is also popular with students for its use of electronic instruments to create and produce a finished work.

Electronic Music – Samplers to Singalongs 

Bollywood / Hip Hop / Pacific Islands / Belly Dance / Disco / Latin / Rock

Electric Music is a musical smorgasboard with students involved in every step of the creative process and performance. Musical genres from Hip Hop and Disco to Latin and the Blues will be explored, explained, performed and enjoyed. Students will create and record music on the spot using a “Looper” and their lyrical input.

Thus interactive performance will see up to 12 students invited on stage to be dressed in the style of different musical genres. Complete with wigs, accessories and an instrument these students will become members of the “Electric Music Band’. The remaining audience members will be singing, chanting, clapping and rock and rolling to the music that is being created. Using power packed equipment like electric guitars, electronic drum pads, vocal processor, percussion, pre-recorded backing tracks, head set microphone, and all pumped though a PA system, the show is guaranteed to rock the school!

What’s the Joke?

Created by Andy to be performed to children & families in libraries & festivals , it is a mix of music, comedy and literacy with a focus on humour and joke telling. Using guitar, drums and fun props, Andy will show students how to deliver a punch line, crate a joke, use gross humour and laugh till your sides ache!

Andy’s Books

Andy’s five best selling Hot Jokes for Kool Kids joke books have sold over 500,000 copies and they have now been bound into the Enormous Book of Hot Jokes for Kool Kids. The best selling Fartionary has elevated the already popular topic of flatulence and blown this gassy phenomenon to the next level by explaining and exploding the facts, science and language with a huge dose of ripe raspberry humour. Children seem to enjoy gross things and the Fartionary gives them what they want.

The Burptionary is the follow up to the Fartionary, and has done for burping what Fartionary has done for farting. It packed with facts, myths, poems, science, nutrition as well as a few short narratives such as a Tour de France send up ‘The Tour de Burp’ as well as a fictional story about an explosive battle between the nine Germaniac tribes (The Buttoxen, The Bumhousen, The Cheekeeyou, The Fartoulisch, The Bumf, The Fizzerlicht, The Kracken, The Booboo-bang and the Tailtrumpetzon) and the Roman General Gluteus Maxiumus Magnificus. The Burptionary has also been recorded by Andy for Bolinda Audio.

The Adventures of Scootaboy & Skatergirl is Andy’s first chapter book and pairs up two unlikely characters in a series of funny, crazy and peculiar situations with the focus being on friendship, team work, fun and humour.
The Really Ripper Razzle Dazzle Big Book of Fun is an activity book taken to the next level. It invites the reader to complete a unique mix of drawings, poetry, design and create all original art works and stories. Everything from new yoga positions to funky street signs are awaiting creation.