ChoeChoe Brereton

Andrew Daddo

Choechoe Brereton, or Choe as she likes to be called, was born in Ghana, West Africa, and moved to Ireland with her family at just four years of age. As it happened, she became extremely proficient at speaking Gaelic, much to the delight of her teachers. And though she also showed great proficiency in speaking French and German, she shirked linguistics and became a scientist instead. She figured she already had the geeky glasses and wild hair so did a three-year double degree in Psychology and Biological Sciences to legitimately qualify for wearing a white coat.

Just over six years ago, she gave up her love for peering into test tubes and took up writing as a career. The first year felt like shaky ground but she worked phenomenally hard and has never looked back. Her debut children’s book, A House for Donfinkle illustrated by Wayne Harris, came out with Walker Books in May 2014. The book—suitable for ages three to 300—was awarded four out of five stars by IBBY president Dr Robin Morrow and is said to have a Dr Seuss-ish quality with its wonderful rhyme and nonsense words.

Choe is a noteworthy up and coming author with a great sense of humour and a wealth of intriguing experiences that captivates the listener. She has a passion for helping children whenever and wherever possible, and believes that telling good stories is one small way she can bring delight to little people everywhere.

She currently works as deputy editor for White Magazine and as a freelance writer. Her work can be found in beautiful publications such as Alphabet Family Journal, Renegade Collective, Trouve, Hearth Magazine, Darling Magazine and many more.

Choe is delighted to share all she’s so far learned about being an author but only if she’s allowed to make it fun and an experience worth remembering.